A female friend of mine recently recommended a book whose title is as outrageous (in a good way) as its author, Regena Thomashauer—also known as “Mama Gena.” My friend, aware […]

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Observations on Sisterhood from “Mama Gena”​

California has adopted a law (Senate Bill 826) requiring publicly held companies there to have women in leadership. As the law is phased in, a board with at least six […]

women in corporate leadership

Women in Corporate Leadership: To Impose by Law, or to Develop and Promote from Within?

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Interview Update: On January 17, I appeared on Empowering Women, Transforming Lives. This program from Rebecca Hall Gruyter has reached #1 on VoiceAmerica’s Women’s Channel. Indeed, it boasts listeners from around […]


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Interview of Timothy C. Sansone by Rebecca Hall Gruyter, host of “Empowering Women, Transforming Lives”