Tim is a St. Louis attorney blessed to count many women and men of courage, strength, dignity, intelligence, and independence as colleagues, friends, and family. These are individuals who recognize that life's unique opportunities and beauty can come in many forms and in unexpected ways. Some of them have inspired his writing, and their unique voices sometimes echo in his characters' words and deeds.

As a lawyer who focuses on complex litigation, Tim regularly works on cases in which the stakes are high, the facts of the situation are nuanced, and both sides have dug in. Relationships often have the same characteristics, whether they involve work, family, or romance. Their success or failure rides on both logic and emotion, as well as how different personalities and life experiences intertwine or diverge. In the end, both cases and relationships are about people's stories. And Tim enjoys telling those stories to judges and juries in the "real world" as much as he enjoys creating those stories for his readers in the fiction he writes.

In particular, Tim has developed a unique passion for telling stories about worldly characters who when cast together will aim to make the most (if not a mess) of it ... and perhaps both. These are people of influence who have a knack for earning our respect while occasionally driving us crazy, in no particular order.

author of worldly characters cast together

As I embark upon the next part of my journey, I invite you to stay in touch and would love to share updates with you....

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