Debut Novel: Trusting All I Want

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A women’s success novel set principally in contemporary Chicago during a whirlwind year in the life of Lana Delacroix. Her story is one of space, boundaries, and provocative options that must be reduced to painful choices.

Joining her along the way are Tom Edwards, Jill Nguyen, and Rudy Santana, all of whom have their own options and choices to consider.

In Trusting All I Want, the first in a series, we get to see what happens when these characters encounter (and sometimes collide with) each other. What happens to them shows the risks and rewards of trusting fully in our desires.

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“You look at it as all or nothing, Rudy. I don’t see it that way. Having most of what you want is still having a lot.”

“I wish I could see things that way, Lana.”

“Tell you what  … let’s agree to disagree, at least for now. We’ve got one more day here. We should make the most of it.”

Rudy was silent, spent. The conversation had sucked out some of his spirit … as it always did.

Lana placed a hand on his shoulder. Her touch awakened him, as it always had.

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Now, as Jill cried softly and thought about her situation, she resolved to focus on the future rather than the past. She pushed her laptop away from her, opened a spiral-bound journal, and took a pen in her right hand to start a new entry:

People don’t appreciate having everything, or nearly everything. They want something they can’t have, and don’t even know what they want.

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